Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate reliable revenue streams without having to rely on Ads. One that is not reliant on ads, one that is reliable and rewarding. While making Cloud markets cheaper and fairer.

Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the internet.

We started Gather with one simple mission: to fix the internet’s broken business model. Leveraging our expertise in cloud computing and blockchain technology, our specialty is in combining new and existing technologies together to unlock new revenue opportunities for everyone. And not just for Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Gather is building a state of the art three Layer ecosystem, with layer 0 being the hardware Layer - Gather Online, layer 1 being the protocol layer, a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake blockchain - Gather Network, and layer 2 being the application layer - Gather Cloud.

Our Ecosystem is derived from processing power generated by the hardware layer and flowing securely back to the application layer, via the protocol layer.

The purpose of the Gather Foundation is to help grow our community initially through rewarding grants from the treasury to promising ecosystem builders. The Foundation is an independent entity made up of 12 members. In order to remain integral to our ecosystem, only two members from Gather’s operating entity (Gather Enterprise) have a seat at the Foundation. The rest of the members comprise of third-party stakeholders.



Raghav or better known as Reggie is a serial entrepreneur, leadership and management professional and an accredited chartered manager from the Chartered Management institute. Reggie has

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Farrukh is a seasoned investment and financial professional who previously worked for both KPMG and Grant & Thornton. During his corporate career Farrukh was involved with audit and advisory for the middle.

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  • CMO

Ayhan’s experience spans across 17 years in Sales & Marketing. Worked as a Marketing Manager, Product Manager in a multinational manufacturing company within the energy industry. Joined the blockchain

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  • CTO

Ashesh is a hard core technologist with balanced perspectives to business and consumer needs. He has 18 years of experience in leading technology space in both fortune 500 enterprises, technology start-ups

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Udit has extensive experience with various stages of startups, from being a founder of a solar energy related project, to startups operating in the logistics, technology and FMCG industries in various high level

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Steven is an attorney focusing on Public International law, Maritime law, Foreign Direct Investment law and a Securities Compliance expert. Previously, he served for twelve years in the United States Marine Corps.

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  • Technical Advisor

Over twenty years of experience in design, development and support of IT and mobile solutions in international environments. Vic’s career includes working with Status (SNT), and Opera at a senior level

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  • Marketing Advisor

For the last nineteen years, Narendra has used a unique combination of communication, coding skills and strategic nous to deliver impact in the many roles he has had.In his last role as Chief Digital Officer at

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  • Financial Advisor

Patrick’s background in finance and accounting goes back more than a decade with diverse experience in a variety of industries. He has worked for CPA firms as a staff accountant, run his own consulting firm, and

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  • Strategic Advisor

Based in London, England, Charles J Read is a multi-faceted Blockchain evangelist who focuses on investment trends, public research, and assists with user acquisition for emerging technology companies

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  • Strategic Advisor

John Kim started his career with Deloitte in the US working in the IT field and as a project management role for support on audit-related applications. He has 5 years of technical experience under his belt and has

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  • Growth Advisor

Bradley is an experienced growth enabler with an extensive business acumen spanning 5 years of sales and networking. He is presently driving growth in the startup space as one of the founders of Latitude

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